304 Floristry

Tasks of this skill category are based on Vocational qualification in Horticulture. The profession name of the vocational qualification is puutarhuri (gardener).

The working place can be, according to the competence area, for example as a seller in a flower and garden shop, as a farmer in garden production or in maintaining tasks of landscape gardening or green areas.

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The results will be published after the final.

Description of the skill category

The competition tasks in floristry are based on the vocational qualification in horticulture, the competence area of Floristry and horticultural business. The tasks are based on the objectives of the modules Serving customers and Shop work in floristry and Making flower arrangements. The competence requirements correlate with the skill level “Excellent” of vocational qualification in floristry.

The competition is individual and has no age-limit.

Skill requirements

A successful competitor must know how to select flower arrangement materials according to composition and colour principles and the customer’s wishes. The competitor must be able to maintain and treat the material appropriately and display materials and arrangements in a way that promotes sales. The competitor must be able to make flower designs to be sold in a flower shop independently and quickly and promote working methods that are in line with sustainable development and maintain well-being at work.

The competitor must know how to price, present and sell products. The competitor must be able to produce information materials as needed in customer service, both by hand and by using information technology, to maintain and pack flower designs, and keep the workstation clean. The competitor must understand the significance of team work and social interaction and act in a customer-oriented way.

Skill category managers

Skill steering group

  • Leila Alamiekkaoja, Keski-Uudenmaan koulutuskuntayhtymä 
  • Jenniina Tiikkainen, Keski-Uudenmaan koulutuskuntayhtymä 
  • Tuija Näriäinen, Keski-Uudenmaan koulutuskuntayhtymä 
  • Anne Halminen, Sasky koulutuskuntayhtymä 
  • Anne Friman, Sasky koulutuskuntayhtymä 
  • Säde Alanen, Kultahehku 
  • Kirsi Vesalainen, Peimarin koulutuskuntayhtymä 
  • Heidi Kaitanen, Pakilan Kukkatalo 
  • Petra Tapanila, Pw De Mooy 
  • Sari Räty, Innogreen 
  • Lila Hagman, Lila Hagman 
  • Marjatta Säisä, Opetushallitus 
  • Anna-Maria Èhrnsten, Axxell 

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