602 Electronics and Robotics

The competition tasks of this skill category are based on the Vocational qualification in information and telecommunications technology. The qualification titles are elektroniikka-asentaja (electronics assembler) and ICT-asentaja (ICT technician).

The professionals who have completed this qualification work according to the competence area for example in installation and commission of computer hardware and telecommunications devices as well as testing, repair and commissioning tasks associated with electronics production or installation, maintenance and customer service work.

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The results will be published after the final.

Description of the skill category

The robotics is one application area of electronics. The robotics is a fast-developing sector of the future with many promises. The robotics is already an important part of the industry and many other fields. Applications of the robotics are widely used by the manufacturing industry, agriculture, traffic, mines and health care. The robotics has also separate application areas: security sector, armed forces and aerospace. Robots will go there where a human cannot be sent. Robots will save people from rubble and travel to other planets.

A robot is an electronic system with a microprocessor which controls electronics to communicate with environment. A robot is capable of sensing its environment with different sensors and moving by means of actuating devices. The behaviour of the robot is determined by the programming, embedded in the robot. The microprocessor follows commands from its program memory in all actioning. These commands are called a program code.

The competition is individual.

Skill requirements

An electronics assembler who have completed the vocational qualification in information and telecommunications technology is able to carry out installation, maintenance and customer service work related to various electronics industry applications. Key competence areas are installation of embedded systems and maintenance work. More precious competence requirements for the Taitaja competition can be found in the following modules of the electronics assemblers:

  • professional electronics
  • embedded applications and project work.

Skill category managers

Skill steering group

  • Jyrki Louhi, Espoon seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä Omnia 
  • Matti Kukkola, Espoon seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä Omnia 
  • Petri Koskinen, Kouvolan ammattiopisto EduKo 
  • Jari Koskinen, Kouvolan ammattiopisto EduKo 
  • Keijo Salonen, Jyväskylän koulutuskuntayhtymä Gradia 
  • Jussi Ahonen, Jyväskylän koulutuskuntayhtymä Gradia 
  • Tommi Siren, Tampereen seudun ammattiopisto Tredu

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